School Leadership in Environmental Education

How to write a Climate Action Plan

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There are a number of useful tools to help you write an effective Climate Action Plan. Firstly the Friend's of the Earth Climate Action plan booklet is excellent in that it gives lots of ideas and you can use it as a base to start writing your own plan.

Secondly,  the Schools Climate Action Planner from the website is very useful in the way that it allows you to answer a sequence of questions and then it generates a plan from your input. A great idea!


How to be an effective Sustainability Lead

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The Sustainability Lead has got a big role! But the role itself is not compulsory until 2025. The role will require the chosen individual to develop a climate action plan which will include actions within the curriculum and those beyond. Other roles are procurement, decarbonisation plans and outlining adaptation to climate change itself. I'm sure more information will be shared soon on how the Sustainability Lead will receive training. It may be that the role could be taken on by two people - one focusing on the education side and the other on the business side. The DfE document 'Top Tips for Sustainability in Schools' is very useful in that it has numerous ideas for developing sustainability within the school.


How to deliver effective training on Eco themes for staff

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Leadership in Environmental Education, whether it is the Sustainability Lead or the Senior Leadership Team need to think about how to give staff the training they need to deliver the ambitious programmes of study. Carbon Literacy Training is expected to be rolled out to all teachers at some point in the near future. It my be that this covers enough, or it may be that the Lead may decide to organise further training for teachers regarding the specifics of their action plan.


How to carry out an energy audit in your school

Carrying out an energy audit within your school may seem like a daunting task, and if you are feeling overwhelmed, there is practical help ready to lend a hand. Energy Sparks will carry out an energy audit for you, and even help with implementation of whatever your action steps are after the audit. There is a fee to join and you pay more for more work.  The DfE site has lots of information about how you can carry out an audit and also guidance on implemnetation.