Want to propel your school forward in environmental education but not sure where to start?

Wondering how to:

- teach pupils about Climate Change without creating eco-anxiety?

- engage children in nature and sustainable practices?

- empower children to become confident change makers?

- explore Environmental Education themes and resources?

Don't worry! You're in the right place!

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Eco Ed Hub provides guidance on:

Let's Inspire the Next Generation Together!

You're a teacher – you hold the key to inspiring a whole generation of passionate, action-centered youngsters on their own journey of discovery. And I'm here to be your guide and mentor as you go through this process, using my own knowledge and experience from over 30 years walking in your very shoes!

As environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution are becoming increasingly urgent, there is no greater gift we can offer our students than the gift of environmental education. It's not just about the science of how ecosystems work or the statistics of global warming - it’s about cultivating a profound relationship between your students and the environment, helping children to really appreciate its beauty and value. And more importantly, their role in protecting it! Equipping children with this wisdom can make a huge difference in the world by fostering a generation that makes decisions with the environment in mind.

You will discover here, a plethora of resources that cater to learners of all ages: lesson plans, interactive games, and real-world project ideas that will help you integrate environmental concepts into your everyday teaching. But beyond resources, I hope that you will find inspiration, through the stories showcasing successful environmental projects implemented in classrooms across the world—from urban schools in New York to rural communities in Africa. Younger students might thrive through story-based learning or hands-on activities like planting gardens or simple recycling projects; older students, on the other hand, can engage in more complex discussions, participate in debates about environmental policies, or undertake detailed studies of local flora and fauna.  You'll find the full spectrum of interesting and effective materials for any age.

So, do join together on this inspiring journey - preparing a generation equipped not just with knowledge, but with the mindset and skills necessary to protect and cherish our planet. Do drop a line if you have something to share!


Environmental Education Resources and Strategies


solar car pixabay

Want some step-by-step guidance on how to harness the latest technology with your students? Find out about solar experiments, wind turbines, nature ID apps and energy audits. Fancy cooking some smores in a solar oven? Mmmmm.....

Citizen Science

girls by river pixa bay

Tired of abstract concepts and powerpoint presentations? Want to get out there into the real world? Citizen Science offers opportunities for students to  connect with real scientists in real science projects - gathering and  analysing data and well....making a difference!


wolf pixabay

Tired of really boring texts that put you and your children to sleep? Find out which books are really making an impact in the Environmental field -  Which books inspire? Which books encourage connection with nature? Which books offer children practical strategies for being part of the change? Which books do children go wild about?

School Garden Ideas

hedgehog in hands pixabay

Got a mound of grass that's not doing much? Want to turn it into a thriving nature eco-system. Tap into the guidance from a range of experts to propel your project forward.

Want to make the most of that fox that traipses through the school grounds nightly? Why not track it on a wildlife camera, and get its footprints moulded in clay? 

Addressing Eco-Anxiety

Worry monster

Concerned about the 'doom and gloom' side of talking about Climate change? Have your children cried 'turn it off please Miss!' when you showed one too many videos of glaciers melting? Well, check out these practical strategies (from experts in the field) to prevent and address eco-anxiety. Discover how to move forward with environmental education in a way that empowers, uplifts and inspires.