Want to integrate climate change and environmental education into your curriculum but not sure where to start?

Wondering how to:

- educate pupils about Climate Change without creating eco-anxiety?

- encourage children to be actively involved in issues?

- sift through the myriad of lesson plans, resources, games and activities to find out what actually works?

Don't worry! You're in the right place!

Eco Ed Hub provides:

- relevant and useful resources

- tried and tested curriculum programmes

- up to date policy info

- environmental awards info

- examples of great practice across the globe

- updated 'best books' in eco education

- training and development info

- opportunities to ask your own questions

So what's the catch?

There's no catch!

I love researching the environmental education field and being blown away by some of the brilliant ideas I've seen over my 20 plus years in education. You can learn more about my qualifications here. I love talking to practitioners and children and helping people find the best way possible to move forward in this important field.

I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing!

Let's work together to achieve great things!

Teachers and school leaders have such a pivotal role to play in equipping children for the future.

Working together we can highlight what is working and learn from each other. 

Your ideas and experience are valued - so do let me know if you have something to share or an idea to explore!

Inspiration from around the world!

Explore this selection of inspirational actions from around the world. Eco Ed Hub aims to showcase good practice in the environmental education field. I'm sure you will pick up some good ideas. The creativity of the youth today is outstanding and never ceases to amaze! Be prepared to be inspired!

Professional development for teachers and school leaders

Check out the training opportunities for self-study or staff training.

Eco Ed Hub aims to signpost a range of professional development in the field of environmental education. Training in the form of online and face-to-face courses are available on environmental education themes.