Environmental Education Training 
for teachers

Climate Leader Award and National Nature Park

WWF Training for schools

Educational Solar Power Plant Tour - EarthEnergyEducation.com

Solar Energy Plant School visit

How to Spot Birds for children

How to conduct an energy audit in school

AimHi Earth: Session 1 The Eden Project: Tipping Points and our simplest solutions

Teachers need more training!

The presentation produced by Students organising for sustainability (SOS) shows the extremely worrying fact that a majority of teachers do not feel that they have received quality training to educate students on climate change and the related issues for the future. This is drastic and needs urgent rectifying. Quality, thorough training is essential to equip teachers to tackle this sensitive but important issue.

Teaching Climate Change course by STEM Learning

The Teaching Climate Change online course, run by Stem Learning is aimed at teachers of 11-14year olds and covers:

  • what is climate change?;
  • climate science projects;
  • measuring climate change using satellite data;
  • mitigating climate change.

The self-paced course can be completed at any time and is designed to be worked through independently or with colleagues and is not facilitated.

The course authors are Tom Lyons, Stephanie O'Neill and Catherine Daly. 

Check out this course on Developing an outstanding primary science curriculum. Run by Stem Learning, it can be done online or face to face in the National Stem Learning Centre in York. 

New Natural History GCSE: Bear Grylls gives it the thumbs up

The DfE has announced a new GCSE in Natural History - this is fantastic! Not only will it be fascinating but I'm sure it will have a marked impact on student's confidence and skills in finding the solutions needed for the future. However, it is coming out in 2025! That's a long way off but hopefully, taken the urgency of the relevant issues into account, it might be fast-tracked.

UCL Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education

In response to the need for more professional development for teachers in the field of sustainability and climate change education, free professional development is being made available for all teachers and school leaders, through UCL's Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education.

Led by the director, Professor Nicola Walshe, who has amongst other achievements, a PhD in glaciology, the UCL department aims to provide research-based professional development, for school leaders and teachers in all stages of education - early years, primary, secondary and further education.

The aim is to go beyond just the teaching of the science of climate change, by also focusing on the mental health and wellbeing aspects, such as eco-anxiety, to ensure that children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the future. 

Environmental Education Master's degrees

There are a range of Environmental Education Master's degrees in the UK and worldwide.