Pushing the boundaries in
Environmental Science and Outdoor Education

rafting outdoor environmental education

How does freedom to explore the outdoors benefit children?

Denmark's Forest Kindergartens

Seeing these children in Denmark so free, playing in the mud, water, climbing high in the trees, it doe make me question whether we restrain children too much. The benefits of a freer style of play, and experiencing nature in all weather, really feeling the elements, is explained in this video.

Nature's Classroom in the Tennessee valley

How does being in nature enable children to do better academically? This forest school in Tennessee are finding that the children develop a deep connection to nature and this actually helps them with learning in other areas. The teachers step back and let the children lead the exploration which develops the children's skills in a number of ways.

New Zealand's school without rules

In this school, they have tried a radical policy change - no rules at break times. The children can do what they like. Rather than bullying and injuries, they have been delighted to find children showing consideration, cooperation and exploration. And they say the children are calmer when they come back into class, having burnt off all that energy doing what they wanted to do at break times. Definately makes me think! How necessary are all our rules? Do we do enough to enable children to develop their risk management skills? 

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