Environmental Education in Singapore

Clear, ambitious targets

The website Clean and Green Singapore has lots of resources for schools, with a clear outline of the overall aims of the environmental education there, such as moving towards zero waste, clean environment and reducing energy usage. The Young Champion packs are great.

Singapore strides ahead with Eco Stewardship

Incredible things happening in Singapore! This inspirational video of the Eco Stewardship programme shows children growing their own mushrooms and other vegetables for use in school lunches and donating to the community.

A full scale recycling programme links home and school, giving children an in-depth understanding of the process and impact of recycling.

The schools' infrastructure is environmentally sound, using solar panels, energy efficient lights and fans and a range of other things. This shows children how their carbon footprint can be reduced in a practical and real way.

Children have a real sense of pride in their school and are developing the skills to be leaders in environmental issues. Truly inspirational stuff!