About me

I am the founder of EcoEdHub and a primary school teacher. EcoEdhub was created to be a source of inspiration and hope for teachers looking for resources, ideas and connection with others on the themes of climate change and environmental education.  

With over twenty years in education, as a teacher in the UK, New Zealand and Zimbabwe and as an education consultant, I bring my passion for experiential learning together with a desire to empower children as agents of change.

Growing up in New Zealand, surrounded by sea, forests and mountains instilled a love of nature from an early age. I hope that the work we are all doing in schools now can help future generations to be connected to nature and dedicated towards preserving the biodiversity around them.

I combine my theoretical knowledge from my Masters in Education and post-graduate study in Leadership and Consultancy  together with my practical experience from the classroom to showcase a wide range of resources and experiences from across the globe to support teachers in this field.