School Garden Ideas

When you're thinking of school garden ideas, no doubt a range of ideas come to mind: ponds, wild areas, bug hotels, vege gardens, flower gardens, fruit trees and more!

Well let's explore each of these ideas and boil the concepts down to the core ingredients for success.

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School Garden Ideas : Creating a Vegetable Garden

Variety: aim for a different vegetable for each year group

Edible items all year round to add interest

Give roles and responsibilitie- who will weed, check the plants, water etc?

Energy sources (solar/wind): utilise solar water systems, especially over school holidays

Seeds provide opportunities for everyone to be involved in the planting but they do take time to grow

For more info on creating your own 4x8 school vegetable garden click here.

School Garden Ideas : Making a pond

Plan: choose the area carefully; decide on use of solar water features or pumps to be independent of electrics

Observe habitats: what insects, birds have made their home in this area? What predators are there, such as foxes or cats?

Nurture wildlifecreate safe pathways into and out of the water.

Dipping: as this will be the highlight of having a pond, think about where children will site or stand and what items they will be able to lift from the pond.

The Wildlife Trust's 'How to build a pond' guide is very useful.

The National Gardening Association has lots of straightforward information about all steps of creating a garden. 

Generating your school garden can be fun. For design ideas Matt Jame's book 'How to plant a garden' has oodles of information and these rewriteable signs are a great idea for labelling the different segments of your school garden. 

Explore small wildlife pond ideas

School Garden Ideas: Growing fruit trees

Favourite tastes? which fruit trees to choose?

Ripe 'n ready: when will the fruit be ready for picking?

Understanding the trees' needs: space, fertiliser, support

Integrating planting, pruning and harvesting into the curriculum

Timing: when to plant, harvest, prune

School Garden Ideas: Planting Trees

Free trees for schools and communities are available through the Woodland Trust. The information includes choosing your tree, planting advice, preparation and aftercare, tips for safe planting and tree-planting certificates to make tree planting day a memorable experience. To ensure the children remember the occasion and to link it into the curriculum there are printable resources such as this one: 'What I did on tree planting day'.

Green Tree Schools Award

If you are considering taking things a step further, beyond just planting a single tree, you may like to go for the Green Tree Schools Award, where your children will be encouraged to engage with outdoor learning and become inspired about woodlands and wildlife. A range of fun, hands-on projects engage the children in improving your school grounds. All resources and support is free and children can earn certificates to recognise their achievements. Actions include excursions into woodlands, activities to reduce CO2 emissions and nature activities in your school grounds. points can be collected for each activity completed, enabling achievement of bronze, silver, gold levels all the way up to the prestigious platinum award. This award can contribute to other award schemes such as the Eco-Schools Award