Environmental Education magazines

Environmental Education Magazines for children

There are numerous excellent eco magazines for children available. Here are a selection of magazines to consider:

  1. Ranger Rick: Ranger Rick is a magazine for children ages 7-12 that focuses on wildlife and nature conservation. The magazine features fun activities, comics, and articles about animals and their habitats.
  2. National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids is a magazine for children ages 6-14 that covers a wide range of topics, including environmental issues. The magazine features fun facts, games, and activities that help children learn about the world around them.
  3. Eco Kids Planet: Eco Kids Planet is a magazine for children ages 7-11 that explores the wonders of nature and the environment. The magazine features stories, games, and activities that teach children about animals, habitats, and conservation.
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Environmental Education Magazines for Teachers and Parents

The Ocean Science Magazine
Environment, Coastal and Offshore (ECO)

The Ocean Science Magazine, is an eco magazine produced by Environment, Coastal and Offshore (ECO) is a great source of up to date information about ocean-based environmental issues. Topics in this eco magazine will no doubt be relevant for teachers informing themselves about issues for older children. Topics on the general ECO website are also useful, such as scientists mapping living coral before and after heatwaves is a great topic to science or geography.

'Environmental Education'
The UK Association for Environmental Education

A superb source of current information is 'Environmental Education' an eco magazine published three times a year by The UK National Association for Environmental Education. The Spring 2022 issue covers issues such as river restoration, wetlands, frogs, global water issues, and inspiring the next generation of nature lovers.

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The Environmental Magazine
and Earth Talk Q&A

The Environmental Magazine is a rich source of current news and research on environmental themes with a global reach. The website also runs Earth Talk which provides facts, insights and ideas on key issues presented in plain language and with clear action items. It's great for getting the big picture about the global environment. With 40 million readers they must be hitting the spot!