Environmental News

After 243 years a white-tailed eagle chick is born in Britain!

White-tailed eagle

To the delight of the conservationists the new chick is here! A massive effort has been underway to reintroduce the white-tailed eagles, with 25 of them released into the Isle of Wight in 2019. The new chick signals the success of attempts to bring back species that have disappeared from Britain. What's next on the list I wonder?

How did an old borehole in Mali give clues to discovery of limitless carbon-free fuel?

Mali on map

Could hydrogen hold the key to clean energy and the fight against Climate Change? This article in Science.org explains how hydrogen was discovered unintentionally in a well in Mali and now governments in the US and Europe are investing in it. The article explains the complexities and opportunities around producing it for consumption. An exciting and interesting read. 

What's whale poop got to do with saving the planet?

Whale leaping out of water

Could whale poop actually save the planet. Ridiculous right? Well not so. Whale poop has a very important role in carbon capture. Incredible enough is the fact phytoplankton captures about 40% of the world's CO2 - that's so amazing right? That's more than the Amazon captures. It's amazing that we don't hear much about this, considering how much focus is on the Amazon. So, read this BBC article to find out how whale poo creates the perfect conditions for phytoplankton to flourish and how some governments are considering factoring in whale protection to their climate plans. Maybe the whales have been bashing boats in the Mediterranean for a reason - 'Hey Bucko! Take notice of us! We hold the key!' 

This excellent video, narrated by George Monbiot, explains the incredible role of  whale poo, as described above. The video contains lot's of delightful whale pooping images which will go down a treat with the children! If showing it to children just be aware there are a few images of whaling which could be disturbing - you may want to skip those bits with younger children. 

How reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park transformed the eco-system

This video, narrated by George Monbiot, explains the transformational effect the reintroduction of wolves had to Yellowstone National Park. The wolves changed the wildlife numbers and behaviour, firstly of the deer they hunted, which then impacted numerous other creatures. But, fascinatingly, the river was also changed as the plantlife flourished. This video is excellent for detailing the complexity of natural systems clearly enough for children to understand. There are so many things to discuss - excellent for equipping children with information prior to debates about whether to reintroduce species to different eco-systems.