Strategies for teaching Environmental Education

The DUST model

Disseminating information

  • Books
  • Film/video
  • Website information

Understanding Deeply

  • Role-play
  • Discussion
  • Games
  • Simulation
  • Field study

Sharpening skills

  • Experiments and investigations
  • Monitoring
  • Citizen Science

Taking Action

  • Action projects
  • problem-solving
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Creating networks
  • Sharing information

The DUST model was inspired by the framework outlined in:  'A Framework for Environmental Education Strategies By M. Munroe and K. Beidenweg, Article  in  Applied Environmental Education and Communication An International Journal · 07.07

Useful ideas, programmes and resources

There are many ways to teach Environmental Education. Here we look at various approaches which can include different themes such as: 

  • Learning outside the classroom: zoos, nature parks, aquariums, farm parks
  • Learning about eco-systems and habitats- within the school, local area, nationally
  • Learning about wildlife - within the school grounds, in the local area, nationally, worldwide
  • Learning about the atmosphere and energy
  • Protecting the oceans - learning about pollution and ways to keep our oceans clean; learning about plastic and how to reduce the use of plastic and protect oceans from it.

Explore this range of strategies and approaches and see which one suits your setting best.

Eco Schools programme: tried and tested route to success 

The Eco-Schools programme is excellent for embedding environmental education into the curriculum. It has a range of topics, which include children in the decision making and actions across the school in a practical and workable way.

Cornerstones Curriculum: Integrated curriculum : 

The Cornerstones curriculum provides interconnected areas, perfect for in-depth learning.

Imagining school land as a giant nature park: new DfE strategy

Nadim Zahawi and others explain what the National nature park will mean for schools.

Individual sessions: Lesson plans

Twinkl has a variety of lessons ready to go which is enormously helpful for teachers. Often there is differentiation included.